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build what matters to you.

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Make your

marketing work for you

Digital marketing eats content for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snacks. It keeps you constantly moving, changing, and stressing.

Imagine a workday where you get to do what you love to do the most - instead of worrying about all the clicks, likes, hearts, comments, and shares.

eMarketing Director was built to help you do that. Sign up for our free newsletter, check out our workbook, and take our course. We’ll help you balance the challenges that online marketing brings, so you can go back to enjoying what you do and make your marketing work for you (not the other way around).

The Stress Less Gu ide

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Stop the Headaches

Everything changes, including social media and digital marketing. Template Tips is inspired by your requests to solve online problems and gives you actionable answers in the form of a template you can use in each issue.

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The Stress Less Gu ide

Social Media Marketing Made Easy


Organize and Plan

Marketing is hard enough without staring at a blank screen struggling to come up with the perfect strategy. Make your marketing feel effortless with The Stress Less Guide: Social Media Marketing Made Easy. This workbook helps you in setting clear goals, organizing your social media content, and planing impactful posts to boost your online presence. Say goodbye to the stress and hello to your success with The Stress Less Guide.

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The Stress Less Gu ide

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Marketing Made Easy

The Online Course

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Take it Step-by-Step

This self paced course takes you step-by-step through filling out the workbook The Stress Less Guide: Social Media Marketing Made Easy so you can learn about real life examples, finish each page, and gain in-depth information about each tool in the workbook.

Ready, set, action

Hi, I’m Dr. Susan Fant Cassity.

I created eMarketing Director to help you take the stress out of your digital marketing, so you can reach your goals and then go back to doing what you love to do.

I’m the founder of two companies, I created one of the first digital and social media marketing specializations at the Master’s of Marketing level in the USA at the University of Alabama, and I’m a textbook author.

I earned degrees and certifications in business, entrepreneurship, creative industries, and organizational change and leadership from Birmingham-Southern College, University of St Andrews, Stanford University, MIT, Cornell University, and the University of Southern California. Together with my network, I’ll be sending you newsletters, writing workbooks, and developing courses to help you reach your goals.

eMarketing Director

Stress less,

build what matters to you.


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